Why Paying More for Web Development Saves You in the Long Run

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Why Paying More for Web Development Saves You in the Long Run



Inexpensive vs. Expensive

When it comes to web development, cost or pricing can vary widely.  Why the big disparity?

 Just like any other services or goods that you spend money on, you usually get what you pay for.  If you’re paying rock bottom prices for a developer, then you’re going to get an inexperienced development team, communication issues, poor quality outcomes and a website that will be clunky and may not be what you envisioned or really need.  There may also be issues with meeting deadlines that can cost you in other unforeseen ways.

 When you pay a higher price for development services, you will be paying for experienced developers who have top notch communication skills, years or even decades of experience developing websites and the refined ability needed to make a website that runs smoothly, looks amazing, and performs really well.  Experienced developers also have the abilities that are required to manage and complete projects on time and meet important or even critical deadlines.  Experienced developers will also know how to handle problems that arise and deal with them quickly, whereas a less experienced developer may take a lot longer to figure out bugs or problems that need addressing.


Let’s do a comparison...

          Experienced Developers

  • Proficient in programming
  • Clean and readable code
  • Good at maintenance and testing
  • Problem-solving and practical skills 
  • Great documentation
  • High productivity
  • Effective communication


    Inexperienced Developers

  • Basic knowledge of programming 
  • Poorly written code
  • Frequent need for code refactoring
  • More bugs
  • Poor communication
  • Lower productivity
  • Regular need for mentoring
  • Poor communication skills


    In conclusion, paying more for experienced developers will give you peace of mind because you will not have to worry about what’s going to go wrong, what deadlines will not be met or what the final outcome of your website will be. 

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