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Client Name Homewatch International

Location Denver, Co

Category .Net Development   Sitefinity   Website Support

Homewatch International had a healthcare-related website that was designed by a digital agency but lacked ongoing support. CyberLancers, a trusted resource for support and maintenance of websites, was tasked to help Homewatch with ongoing support and add additional features to the website as needed. With CyberLancers' expertise in Sitefinity and its senior developers, Homewatch was assured of quick and efficient support when issues arose.

Homewatch International had a website that was designed by a digital agency, but the agency was unable to provide ongoing support due to the ongoing needs of new clients. Homewatch needed a company that could provide ongoing support while not requiring their IT team to staff a Sitefinity developer full-time. CyberLancers was the perfect solution for their needs.

CyberLancers was asked to manage the ongoing needs of Homewatch which included helping with SEO and website performance issues, adding new content, and upgrading their software to the latest versions to protect against security issues.

CyberLancers has a staff of senior Sitefinity developers who have worked on Sitefinity since version 3.7 and have decades of experience. CyberLancers not only has experience with the Sitefinity platform, but also has decades of experience with .Net, SQL Server, and web frontends. This expertise helps CyberLancers troubleshoot several issues that would otherwise be expensive to solve. Recently, CyberLancers worked with a client who was facing issues publishing pages during high traffic scenarios. With CyberLancers' assistance, the client was able to publish pages without bringing their site down.

CyberLancers also ensures that companies stay up to date with software upgrades. Its important to stay on top of upgrades, especially with a healthcare company due to the various security fixes offered by these upgrades. By having CyberLancers as part of your ongoing support team you can be assured that we will help keep your website running and safe from online threats.

With CyberLancers' expertise in Sitefinity and commitment to providing ongoing support, companies like Homewatch International can be assured of quick and efficient support when issues arise. This allows Homewatch to focus on providing high-quality healthcare services to its patients without worrying about website maintenance.