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Client Name Medtronic

Location Boulder, CO

Category .Net Development   Sitefinity   Web Development

CyberLancers partnered with Medtronic, a leading medical device company, to solve their challenge of managing thousands of documents and securely exposing them to their OEM partners. Medtronic previously used SharePoint, but managing over 3000 documents for over 140 partners became overwhelming, with no practical way to communicate updates or securely with partners. CyberLancers created a safe, secure, and mobile-responsive portal, which allowed Medtronic to control user accounts per partner and access documentation based on licensing. The portal also included a robust communication center with a workflow that allowed Medtronic and OEM partners to communicate safely and securely. As a result, Medtronic was able to fully support its OEM partner program, retire the previous SharePoint site, and save on administrative costs while adding layers of security and improving communication. CyberLancers is a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, dedicated to creating customized solutions to meet each client's unique needs.

Medtronic, a leading medical device company, needed a better way to manage thousands of documents and safely and securely expose them to their OEM partners. These partners license Medtronic products and need access to information on implementing and supporting those products. Medtronic was using SharePoint to manage these documents, but it quickly became overwhelming for the engineering department to manage over 3000 documents for over 140 partners. There was no way to alert partners or engineering staff when documents were updated. Additionally, there needed to be an effective way for Medtronic to communicate with its OEM partners. They were using email, which was neither secure nor organized. There was no centralized location for all communication from every team member, so history was lost.

CyberLancers, a trusted partner for Medtronic, stepped in to solve these challenges. First, we created a safe, secure, mobile-responsive portal for all external OEM partners. The portal allowed Medtronic to control user accounts per partner and enable access to documentation based on what the OEM partner has licensed. Next, we built a robust communication center with a workflow that allows Medtronic and OEM partners to communicate safely and securely with a recorded history from every team member. Partners are assigned a primary Medtronic engineer to support the product lines. Still, if that engineer is on vacation, the system will automatically re-route them to additional folks to ensure there are no customer service gaps. We then created an import routine to pull all documents from SharePoint into the new portal, which has more granular security permissions and is much easier to organize and maintain.

As a result of our work, Medtronic was able to fully support its OEM partner program from a documentation and support standpoint. The previous SharePoint site was retired, and documents are now in a safer and more secure location with much less administrative costs. We saved Medtronic money by allowing a smaller staff to thoroughly manage and maintain the documents. We added a layer of security to protect competitors from accessing their proprietary documentation. We added security to product OEM partners from being able to access documents that they did not license and pay for. OEM partners and Medtronic engineers now had a better way to communicate and keep track of their interactions. We have a complete history of all communication and documents going back and forth between external OEM partners and Medtronic Engineers, allowing for better customer service and less duplication of solving the same issues over and over. Medtronic Engineering loved it because it allowed them to support more customers with fewer headaches.

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