The Gold Standard

What is the Gold Standard?

We want to be recognized in the “the industry” as the gold standard for how software development companies treat their clients and developers.
There are many software development companies to choose from, but we set the Gold Standard in how a company should treat their clients and developers.
How do we define the Gold Standard? We provide the highest quality software at reasonable prices with a great attitude. How do we do it? We find the best software developers across the globe and connect them with great clients.

Our History

CyberLancers, as a concept, was started on the back of a napkin over 15 years ago when Kevin and Jeff watched consulting firms and advertisement agencies diminish what it meant to be a computer programmer. Companies that had very little knowledge of how computers worked yet were charging clients high fees for programmers that had no formal training in software development. To counterbalance, there was then a shift to off-shore which then introduced rock bottom rates but at the sacrifice to quality programming.
Jeff and Kevin watched the company they worked for go between high priced consulting firms to low-cost offshore with no actual work being done. As a result of this decision the company ultimately went out of business.
After seeing this happen, Jeff and Kevin were determined that they could change this model and create a company that benefited both the client and the developer. Fast forward a few years and CyberLancers was born. At CyberLancers we are determined to treat both the client and the developer fairly. We do this through low overhead and working with the best developers no matter where they are in the United States and Canada.

Blend Sourcing

Many traditional consulting firms and agencies only work in a vacuum. They come in and collection the requirements and then they cut you out of the picture and deliver software that didn’t solve your ever-changing needs. We don’t work that way. We become part of your technology team letting your business drive the requirements, delivering software that helps to solve your problems. We honestly take your best interest at heart because we are with you for the long-term and we become an extension of your team filling specific skill sets exactly when they are needed. Delivering the highest quality software is always our goal because we are here for you for the long-haul.

Core Values

Our secret is not that secret. Our people make all the difference. There was an informal adage when I first began programming that a great developer is on the order magnitude more productive than a mediocre programmer. So that had us wonder what skills make up a great developer, and we have noticed a theme emerging. Surprisingly education and training did not matter as much as these 5 basic core values which we strive to find in everyone who works for us.

  • We demonstrate integrity in everything we do
  • We are confident without being egotistical
  • We are thoughtful communicators
  • We are focused on and committed to success, for ourselves and our clients
  • We are accountable