Thoughtful Communicators

What is the Thoughtful Communication?

We strive to be thoughtful communicators. This is so important to us that we have it as one of our core values. But what is thoughtful communication?
To us thoughtful communication is thinking through a problem before we speak. It's making sure that we aren't having meetings when a simple email would suffice. It also means responding to any questions within a reasonable time.
We know your time is valuable and we want to respect it!

We Speak Marketing and Tech

We like to say that we can translate between marketing and technology. Many people find this funny, but it is true. We have worked on a number of different projects for different departments. There isn't always good communication between IT and other departments. They typically feel like the other person is speaking in a different language. This is partially true. As technology enthusiats we tend to speak in acronyms, have inside jokes, and sometimes speak in code. To the outside world this is difficult to understand at times. We are able to get beyond this and speak in terms that everyone can understand to make sure that project requirements are clearly understood and to remove any road blocks.

We are a Bit Different

With having a remote workforce we find that we might typically be available to answer questions or solve problems at times that other service companies might be closed or have you wait until the next day. Many of us love technology so much that we can be found checking our emails, or working at all hours of the day. Some of us even feel that the best vacation is being on a beach with a fruity drink in our hand while writing code. Many might find that odd, but for us its because what we do is our passion. We can't always guarantee that we will be available at odd hours to answer an email, but we might surprise you.