Why Mobile Friendliness is so Important

Person with phone and laptop

Why Mobile Friendliness is so Important



One of the biggest changes in the modern age is the increasing speed at which technology evolves. The first general purpose computer was built in 1945, and was so big that it filled up a whole room. Nowadays, it is rare to not see someone without carrying their own personal mini computer in their pocket or purse. One of the biggest obstacles for businesses to tackle is keeping up with this evolving technology. If companies cannot keep up with technology, their rivals will be able to leave them in the dust in reaching new markets. 

Studies show that 63% of all online traffic had come from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in 2019. That percentage is bound to increase even further as mobile phones and tablets become more complex and accessible. Because of this, Google has changed their website crawler to crawl the mobile versions of websites rather than as a traditional desktop crawler. This means that if you neglect to accommodate your website for mobile viewers, your Google rankings will take a dip. Ensure that your website has a mobile friendly design so that you are able to keep up to the technological advances. Consider consulting us at CyberLancers to improve your website so you don’t lose your potential mobile traffic.