Tips for Medical Website Design

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Tips for Medical Website Design

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Medical Website Design: Best Online Practices for Your Medical Business

Trust is one of the most important factors for patients choosing a medical professional. Therefore, it’s vital to foster a trusting relationship before the patient even steps foot into your office—and that all starts with your medical website design and development.
If you’re wondering how to create a healthcare website design that attracts more patients and helps your healthcare practice grow, check out the top four tips from our experienced web design team. Implementing these best practices will ensure you create a website that stands out among a sea of options.

1. Build an Inviting Website

What makes a website more inviting? Though the answer to this question may seem subjective, there’s quite a bit of science that goes into the process. From color scheme choices to the type of content you feature, you can strategically build a website that brings more patients through the door of your clinic.

Color Scheme
Blue and white are the most common color schemes for healthcare website designs—and for good reason. These colors create a calm feeling that soothes a patient who may be feeling anxious about an upcoming healthcare visit. Red is another popular color choice, exemplifying authority and power.

Images and Video

Your medical website design is your chance to show your competency and humanity. And though words can do a lot to show what you have to offer, images and video content can be even more powerful. Reassure potential patients by including imagery of your healthcare professionals doing their jobs.

2. Create Unique Content

Many medical websites feature content that’s nothing more than a rehashed version of a dozen other websites. This method shows a lack of authenticity and authority. Unique content adds the perfect touch of personalization and human connection.
Create your own content and add specific examples from your practice (within HIPAA confidentiality, of course). Craft your own voice and writing style to distinguish your organization and make it easy to recognize across any type of media. Doing so will set your website apart from the other cookie-cutter medical websites out there.

3. Offer a User-Friendly Patient Portal

Today’s patients are looking for the easiest user experience possible. So if your website or patient portal makes it difficult for them to access the information they’re looking for, they may be turned off and start looking for other options.
Attract more patients by making your patient portal or payment system clear and easy to find. Make sure the most-used pages on your website (like payment pages, contact info, and FAQs) are simple and intuitive, allowing patients to easily navigate them on their own. Bonus: this will help you save time and resources by reducing the calls from patients struggling to navigate your website.

4. Pay Attention to Mobile-Friendly Design

Unfortunately, medical websites are notorious for being difficult to use—which makes it even more critical for healthcare organizations to create mobile-friendly websites. Patients will likely be accessing your website from their smartphone or tablet, and if they can’t easily read and understand your website, they’ll quickly move on.
Not sure if your mobile website is up to the right standards? Here’s a rule of thumb: the mobile website should be just as easy to navigate as the desktop version.

Get an Outstanding Medical Website Design

Don’t let bad healthcare website design be the reason patients walk away from your practice. Contact CyberLancers to develop a medical website that wows patients from the first click.
While other web designers are known for being poor communicators and even worse at time management, we’ll stay in close communication with you throughout the design process—and deliver an outstanding final product right on time.
With decades of experience in the web design industry, we’re experts at building custom websites tailored to the needs of medical clinics. Allow us to help increase your bottom line and bring in more patients, all with the power of a beautiful, intuitive website. Get in touch today to get started.